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Monthly Organic Traffic Improvement

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Finding Keywords Which Convert

The Dispensary Expert has little idea what kind of keyword they should target. They mostly targeted broad high competitive keywords with high competition and less conversion possibilities. At the end, no rank, no organic traffic. So our big challenge was finding a list of conversion friendly keywords that have less competition. Initially we selected 30 keywords. Our primary target was home page and few other landing pages.

Missing Element Finding

Our next task was finding the missing elements, for example missing image alt tags, meta description, canonical tag, 404 pages, broken links and every other minor and major issues which have SEO impact. Then we worked with every single issue and fixed them.

SEO Portfolio – The Dispensary Experts

Ranking Proof

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Crafting Keyword Rich Heading

As an SEO Agency we know how important the title tag is for having better rank and CTR. So our next goal was having a look on the existing pages and posts and modifying the title to inject the appropriate keywords. Having keywords in title tag not only help to get rank, it also helps in better CRT.

Internal Linking

We have worked to create potential internal links for having better user experience and SEO benefits. We went through their existing and coming blog posts to create internal links to keep their visitors within their site and also for passing potential SEO juices to their important pages.

SEO Portfolio – The Dispensary Experts

Domain Authority

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Duplicate Content Issue

We found some auto generated tags and category pages with the same content and technically the duplicate contents. We have manually fixed this issue.

Using of No follow tags:

It is important to ensure the incoming of SEO juice for all important pages. So we used no follow tag pointing to less important site links. We noticed some improvement in ranking after working on this part.

Image ALT Tag

We have manually added image alt tag to all images. It improved user experience specially while browsing on mobile devices.

SEO Portfolio – The Dispensary Experts

Traffic Channels

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Image Compression:

We have compressed all images that slowed down the site. As an SEO agency we are well known with this issue. Almost every project we worked on, we find that webmasters are using images without compressing / reducing their image size. So we worked on this issue to make the site loading faster.

Loading Time Optimization

Loading time has very important impact on SEO ranking and bounce rate. Sites with high loading time always get less customers. So we worked to increase their loading time by reducing image size, cleaning up the html / css, by ensuring proper caching and minifying.

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